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Which Is London's Smallest Museum?

26 October 2016

The Faraday Effect, Trinity Buoy Wharf

"Located in a shed, in one of London's oddest dockland pockets (Trinity Buoy Wharf) is The Faraday Effect, a mini-museum dedicated to the work of scientist Michael Faraday.

Created by artists Ana Ospina and Fourth Wall Creations, The Faraday Effect is an immersive installation, a 'recreation' of Faraday's workshop decorated with antiques, found objects, and fishing ephemera, as well as sound recordings, explanatory notes and historic documents.

What's it doing in Trinity Buoy Wharf? Well, the site has a connection to everyone's favourite Victorian electromagnetist, as Faraday worked as Scientific Advisor to Trinity House for nearly 30 years from his appointment in 1836. He conducted many tests in electric lighting for lighthouses, using the Experimental Lighthouse positioned at Trinity Buoy Wharf in the 1850s." Zoe Craig Londonist

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