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Uber teams up with Thames Clippers to launch Uber Boat in London

08 July 2020

Uber partners with our tenant Thames Clippers.

"Uber has revealed its next step in dominating our transport lives by announcing a partnership with Thames Clippers that will see the river boats covered in Uber branding and the ability for passengers to buy tickets directly in the Uber app.

The San Francisco-company has many aspects of transport covered, from taxis, to bikes and electric scooters. Last year it added London Tube and bus updates to the app in a new public transport option. The partnership with London’s riverboats appears to be the next step in its mission to be the one-stop app for all your transport needs.

The multi-year partnership will launch later this summer and see the riverboats branded as Uber Boats by Thames Clippers, though the service is fully operated by the riverboat service still.

You’ll be able to travel along the network from the 23 piers across London from Putney to Woolwich Arsenal. Passengers will be able to buy tickets either via the Uber app, which will be available to scan as a QR code so you can board the boat using contactless tech, or via existing sales channels such as contactless cards and Oyster." Amelia Heathman Evening Standard

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