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Richard Fearless Tears Loose With 'Atlas Of Insanity'

02 October 2019

Clash Magazine meets our tenant Richard Fearless.

"Down by the banks of the River Lea, where the waters begin to intermingle with the Thames - that's where you'll find Richard Fearless.

A stellar DJ and emphatic producer, his work as Death In Vegas helped bring some seismic underground sounds to the mainstream.

But now he's ready to cut loose. Working from his Metal Box studio, the producer has constructed the first album to be released under his own name.

Out on November 22nd, the record is very much informed by the post-industrial landscapes that surrounded its gestation. The producer comments:

"There’s a steel factory on the opposite bank and the sounds of industrial metalwork is incredibly inspirational. Then you have the continuously growing skyline too. It’s a very Ballardian landscape..."

"You get these party boats that go down the river," he continues. "You hear these drifts of music floating over. I tried to emulate that when I put mixes down, sweeping the effects in and out, catching the delay tales."

Album cut 'Atlas Of Insanity' expertly channels this atmosphere, a heavy duty techno banger that recalls Belgium's New Beat in its sheer metallic weight." Robin Murray Clash Magazine

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