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Meet Typewriter Artist, James Cook

01 September 2021

James Cook is a British artist that creates drawings using old typewriters. From small commissions to drawings made of 100,000 characters, James has produced close to 100 pieces of work on his collection of 30 typewriters. His work has been featured on BBC News, Sky News, guested on ITV's Good Morning Britain as well as various media outlets.

As part of his recent project involving typing scenes on location, he recently visited Trinity Buoy Wharf to type the view from the Lighthouse.

Meet James at Open House event

See the finished artwork of the view from the Lighthouse and meet the artist at Open House event on September 4th & 5th 2021 11am-4pm both days. James will be working on various smaller works during the weekend, allowing you to see how his artworks are created.

For more information on Open House event and details check here.

Work in progress

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

The scale of James Cook’s work ranges from the size of a postcard and the antithesis of this being rolls-upon-rolls of paper. Larger drawings are constructed in section and hot-pressed together thereby allowing for creations larger than the limitations of a typewriter’s traditional paper-feed.

For more information about James check here.

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