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Ros Burgin: Lifelines

Open year round

Every day 07:00 - 19:00

Outside wall of Unit 9, The Proving House, Trinity Buoy Wharf


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As part of Totally Thames 2021, sculptor Ros Burgin presents 'Lifelines' - a new artwork exploring the issues of marine pollution and climate change.

The world’s coral reefs are nurseries to many ocean species and indicators of the health of our seas. Ros Burgin’s new sculpture Lifelines features 4 life-size long surfboards with a map of the coral reefs drawn onto them. Burgin’s aim is to help us become as easily familiar with the reefs’ shape and form as we are with the shape of the continents. Connecting with the tidal nature of the Thames, its progress out to sea, the piece explores the issue of marine pollution and climate change.

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