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The Path Life Drawing: Surrealism & Naked at the Feast

09 December 2023 - 9 December 2023

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Trinity Art Studios

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Session I :11am- 1:00pm

The Path: Life Drawing x Surrealism with Caterina Grosoli

Join Trinity Art Studios for a surreal journey into the world of art at the Surrealism session on December 9th. The talented model Caterina Grosoli (@caterinagrosoli) will bring the fantasy of surrealism to life with quirky poses inspired by surrealism artists and photographers. With a dance background, she'll explore fascinating angles, alongside music producer Wawa (@wawabassmusic)’s carefully curated music, making this session a visual feast. The poses will range from short to long, all clothed.

Session II: 3pm - 5pm

The Path: Life Drawing x Naked At The Feast with Margie Belle

Experience a unique blend of visual sensation merging the human body and food. Tuning to the primal need of humanity at our holiday feasting themed session on December 9th! The nude model, Margie Belle (@mnsbelle ), will pose amidst a table laden with festive delights while music producer Wawa (@wawabassmusic) uses her carefully curated music to lead us into the world of artistic indulgence. Watch as poses interact with the feast, creating a visual sensation of its own. The poses will range from short to long, all nude.

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