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Parkour Generations

Open year round

The Chainstore building

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Parkour Generations is a multi-award winning organisation that provides classes, education, performance and consulting in the stunning movement discipline of parkour or freerunning. Since 2005 their purpose has been to transmit the incredibly strong benefits and positive effects of this amazing art form. Comprised of founders, pioneers and principal developers of the discipline from across all generations, Parkour Generations is the authentic, original parkour organisation.

London facility at Trinity Buoy Wharf

The London Parkour Academy at Trinity Buoy Wharf is a unique space housing a modular parkour zone, a strength and conditioning zone and a fitness floor, all overlooked by a chillout deck & workspace. With high ceilings and lots of open space, this is a house of movement like no other in London.


The House of Movement | Parkour Generations London

As fitness opportunities go, this is one to jump at.

— Metro
Photography by Pawel Garonski

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