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Have your say: Bridges to a Connected Future

19 June 2022 - 30 July 2022

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Have your say on how to improve the Leamouth Area

The areas bounded by the river Lea and the river Thames though attractive are blighted by a lack of connectivity. Access is blocked by rivers and roads and railways making simple journeys complicated. This lack of connectivity can and will be repaired by the proposed Lea River bridges.

Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust and Urban Space Management have two bridge proposals and opportunities for improving walkways, cycle ways and the public realm. Please read through the information below and then fill out the feedback form HERE.

Hercules Bridge

Planning permission has been granted to build a new opening cable-stay bridge connection from Hercules Wharf (on the northern side of Good Luck Hope) to the Limmo Peninsula.

A footpath/cycleway from the bridge to Canning Town Station also has planning permission. This is a vital connection to the Station from the Thames but will generally increase active transport connections and the promotion these modes more widely.

Whitby Bird won the bridge competition in 2003. Now, Stephen James Architects are taking this design forward to respond to the current circumstances at Hercules Wharf. It will open on the occasion that a vessel of necessary height enters or leaves the River Lea.

This bridge would be fully accessible with a ramp at both sides and for dual pedestrian and cycle use. The bridge would have one entrance at Hercules Wharf and two on the northern bank at Limmo. One entrance would lead directly to Canning Town Station, whilst the other would connect to the Lower Lea Crossing and Royal Docks.

Living Bridge

An aspiration of Urban Space Management and Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust is for a ‘Living Bridge’ with 70 apartments. The central section of this bridge will lift to allow larger river vessels to pass up and down the river Lea and the bridge will be fully accessible for both pedestrians and cyclists whilst providing a residential offer above

A unique vision from designer Cartwright Pickard, this bridge would be an icon in the area and redefine the Leamouth both aesthetically and in terms of use. As well as creating an important connection over the mouth of the Lea, and an extension of the Thames River Path, the residential offer would create an entirely new community in the area.

At this stage, the Living Bridge is just an aspiration, but we want to hear your thoughts and take suggestions on how to develop this further.

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