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Experimental Photography, Myth-making and Performance

18 July 2022 - 22 July 2022

The Prince's Foundation studios, Trinity Buoy Wharf

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An intensive 5-day workshop for artists and educators to explore forms of creative writing, storytelling and myth-making in photography.

Led by artist and educator Josh Bilton, this workshop is designed for artists, practitioners and educators, 18+.

Take part in an intensive 5-day workshop for artists and educators to explore how forms of creative writing, storytelling and myth-making can open up performative aspects in your photographic practice. We will begin the session by collectively discussing two stories that deal with human and creature kinship and forms of metamorphoses, followed by guided creative writing and making exercises. Over the course of five days, the workshop will introduce you to experimental approaches to photography, as well as traditional processes such as analogue 35mm cameras, developing film and printing techniques in the black and white darkroom. By day 5 you will be expected to produce a series of photographic images and to curate these into a collective work-in-progress exhibition.

Day 1 – Morning lecture, followed by Experimentation

You will begin with an introductory lecture on how various artists have used experimental black and white processes in their work. Following this, you will have an introduction to analogue cameras and spend the day developing ideas for a photography project, photographing in pairs and gaining an understanding of framing, cropping, depth of field, aperture and shutter speed.

Day 2 – Dark room and development

You will spend the morning developing your film. In the afternoon you will be introduced to the black and white darkroom and make a contact sheet and a series of prints from your film.

Day 3 – Development and experimentation

Continuing to develop your project ideas, you will explore experimental approaches to photography through collaging, drawing, cutting and montaging negatives. We will then take these collages into the darkroom and make a series of black and white prints from them.

Day 4 – Exploring macro and colour

In the morning you will be given a macro lens to attach to your phone camera and make a series of images that explore macro photography. In the afternoon you will print these in the black and white darkroom or through using the colour laser printer.

Day 5 – Explore and experiment, selection and curation

You will continue to explore experimental darkroom techniques in the morning. In the afternoon we will consider how to arrange and sequence images into a series and installation, and then present and discuss these as a group at the end of the session.

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