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Parkour Generations

Learn about Parkour Generations classes and events at Trinity Buoy Wharf here.

What is Parkour Generations?

Parkour Generations is a multi-award winning organisation that provides classes, education, performance and consulting in the stunning movement discipline of parkour or freerunning. Since 2005 their purpose has been to transmit the incredibly strong benefits and positive effects of this amazing art form. Comprised of founders, pioneers and principal developers of the discipline from across all generations, Parkour Generations is the authentic, original parkour organisation.


Parkour Generations works at the highest level across every field in the discipline; from running the first and largest parkour teaching and parkour certification framework in the world, to providing performance and consulting for all manner of media and professional projects, to giving international presentations to government bodies, to film-making and photography, to corporate team-building and improvement, to leading academic and physiological research on the social, cultural and physical effects of parkour. Their standards are second to none.

Most importantly, they believe passionately in the enormous benefits this movement revolution has brought and can bring to the modern world and that is reflected in every single project they take on, from the very small to the very large.


Though in itself a purely individual skill, parkour has always had at its heart a powerful sense of community and social responsibility. To be strong to be useful, one of the original maxims of parkour, is as true today as it was when it was founded. Why become strong, capable and effective if you never use it to help others and improve the world around you? The idea is always to share our strength and to be of service wherever we can, on any scale – from helping someone with their heavy luggage to launching global ecological initiatives.

Parkour Generations was central to the creation of the world’s first National Governing Body, Parkour UK, and was a founding member of the International Federation for the discipline – FIADD.

Image credit: Andy Day


A Shape Shifting Space | Parkour Generations London Academy

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