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Tenant spotlight

James Cook Typewriter Artist

About the artist

In the past seven years, James has produced more than 200 typewritten drawings. To produce his stunning artwork James has nearly 50 typewriters which have mostly been generously donated by fans of his work. Using the typewriters, he has produced artwork for celebrities, television presenters, musicians and corporations.

The scale of James Cook’s work ranges from the size of a postcard and the antithesis of this being rolls-upon-rolls of paper. Larger drawings are constructed in section and hot-pressed together thereby allowing for creations larger than the limitations of a typewriter’s traditional paper-feed. Concealed in most drawings are hidden type-written messages or words inspired by the backstory of a particular project that the artist is working on.

Famous Faces

James’ work has attracted the attention of many A-list celebrities, public figures and news reports. Recently, the artist sent a portrait to movie star Tom Hanks, a fellow typewriter enthusiast, but admitted he “forgot about it” until he received an unexpected letter in the post.

The artist was recently asked to create a drawing of the late H.M Queen Elizabeth II for a former royal household member in exchange for a typewriter that was used in Buckingham Palace by the Royal Clerk.

James has also typed for American singer, Kelly Clarkson, cast members from the hit Sci-Fi television series Doctor Who and also for news presenters such as Ben Shephard, Kate Garraway, Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield for the artists television appearances.

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