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Tenant spotlight

Amanda Cotton

Amanda Cotton is an emerging 3D Designer and Artist specialising in contemporary sculpture. Her portfolio has received International coverage in news articles, publications and interviews with the BBC having featured in various exhibitions.

Amanda was recently commissioned to design the UK’s first Non-Binary Sculpture for Audible UK’s ‘Hell Cats’ of Anne Bonny & Mary Read. In 2020 the sculpture was unveiled at Wapping’s Execution Dock in London and is eagerly awaiting a home that will benefit the local community.

Wanting to learn specific skills and understand how to manipulate materials, in 2013 Amanda graduated with a Masters in 3D Materials Practice; Wood, Metal, Plastics and Ceramics (WMCP) from The University of Brighton. She specialises in ceramics, composites and mould-making.

Fascinated with questioning the preconceptions we allow to impact our everyday lives, Amanda is internationally known for her ‘Body of Work’. A portfolio that spans a human life cycle, past, present and future but there is so much in between Amanda wishes to explore. Her latest project and possibly her most intimate, analyses body image and self-esteem. This has inspired her next step which is to practice art therapy.

Currently based at Trinity Buoy Wharf, Amanda teaches ceramics whilst continuing to work on both private and public commissions.

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