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Work in progress: Tim Patrick

24 September 2020

Tim Patrick, Trinity Buoy Wharf Artist in Residence 2020, is a London based artist and has previously studied in Florence, Italy at Charles Cecil Studios. Tim graduated in 2013 from the University of Brighton with First Class Honours. and received the Seoul University of Korea Award for Fine Art.

At Trinity Buoy Wharf, Tim is currently focused on large scale paintings on site designed to engage with local community and environment.

Tim Patrick says:

"Much of my work is based on encounter- on working from observation and being with the subject when painting. Here at Trinity Buoy Wharf, it is an exciting opportunity to explore an environment that is diverse, both in its spaces and people. The activity, busyness and energy of the area, mixed with the quiet steady presence of the water are for me, an intriguing combination. During my time as artist in residence, I am focussing on drawings and paintings drawn from life on and around Trinity Buoy Wharf, painting on site and trying to find images that ring ‘true’ of what it means to be here.

For myself, this is a great chance to be in an environment I do not know, meeting people and places, and discovering it through painting. I hope whatever I can paint will be insightful for others, and might reframe their perspective on how we encounter the places we live and move through."

Learn more about Tim here.

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