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Fat Boy's Diner

Built in 1956-57

Built in circa 1956-57 in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, this original American Diner made its way to Spitalfields Market in late 1990s, and was finally moved to Trinity Buoy Wharf in 2003.

Georgetown Diner aka Randy’s Roast Beef aka Fat Boy’s Diner

"This was the former Georgetown Diner then operating as Randy’s Roast Beef in downtown Georgetown, Mass. It was the next to last diner built by the Worcester Lunch Car Company (No. 849) Only a few miles down Rte. 133 from the wildly popular Agawam Diner in neighboring Rowley. (...) In 1989, John Keith was buying up old diners and was doing some restoration work and reselling them, basically becoming a diner broker. He bought the Georgetown Diner and moved it to New Hampshire for some restoration. (...)

After restoring the diner, Keith moved it out to Los Angeles to try to sell it out there (...) and eventually sold it to Trevor Gulliver in London, England to be part of his Fat Boy’s Diner chain. (...)
The Fat Boy’s Diner chain lasted a couple of years, maybe 3 and then was sold off. Ironically the last diner operating as Fat Boy’s in London is the former Georgetown Diner." Larry Cultrera

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Randy’s Roast Beef, photo copyright circa 1981 by Larry Cultrera

Filming and photo shoots location

Since arriving in London, Fat Boy's Diner became a popular filming and photo shoots location. One of the scenes in "Sliding Doors" was filmed in the Diner in the late 90s.

"Sliding Doors" 1998

A previously unseen Amy Winehouse portrait showing the singer just as her career took off went on show recently at the National Portrait Gallery. The pictures were taken in Fat Boy's Diner by our tenant at the time, fashion photographer, Ram Shergill in 2003 after the release of her debut album "Frank" which won her critical respect before the 2006 album, "Back to Black", made her a major international star.

Amy Winehouse by Ram Shergill, Fat Boy's Diner, Trinity Buoy Wharf 2003, © Ram Shergill

Photo shoots are frequent at Fat Boy's Diner, with many celebrities and household names photographed against its backdrop. In 2018, Fabulous Magazine shot their cover images at the Diner featuring Emma Willis.

Emma Willis for Fabulous Magazine, Photography Peter Pedonomou

Following the release of their third record "Doom Days", Bastille filmed a video for the album highlight "Bad Decisions" at Fat Boy's Diner and Trinity Buoy Wharf Riverside Terrace in 2019.


Bastille "Bad Decisions"

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