Trinity Buoy Wharf Artist in Residence 2020 opportunity

21 January 2020 - 28 February 2020

Trinity Buoy Wharf

Trinity Buoy Wharf is a creative neighbourhood in Docklands, developed and managed by Urban Space Management. Home to London’s only Lighthouse, a vibrant creative community, a sculpture park, 2 event venues and 5 Container City™ buildings.

We’re offering a free workspace studio and exhibition at Trinity Buoy Wharf to an artist who would work on a site-specific project from April to the end of September 2020. The opportunity is funded by Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust and Urban Space Management.

The opportunity:

  • Free, ground floor workspace from April to September 2020 and exhibition at the end of the residency
  • Up to £600 for expenses (paid against receipts)
  • Assistance with PR during the residency
  • Terms & Conditions apply

Who can apply?

The opportunity is open to any artist. There is no age limit.

How to ​apply

Through an online application portal below. You will be asked 14 questions, including your details and what you plan to do at Trinity Buoy Wharf. Please read Terms and Conditions before applying. Please keep your answers short and to the point. All communication should be completed in English. If you’re unable to do this, please contact us on


Artists should apply online by 5pm, Friday, 28th of February 2020.  Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview at the end of March, with the residency commencing in April 2020 and the exhibition in September 2020.


Terms and Conditions

Opportunity details

  • Free workspace and exhibition at the end of the residency (plus more regular outputs to be agreed between the parties) for the development of your artistic practice where you will be free to work without interruption
  • No restriction on artist or type of work you do, other than standard H&S requirements and TBW parameters/restrictions
  • Free power (for sensible use)
  • Up to £600 for expenses (paid against receipts), to include materials and insurance
  • Assistance with PR from USM’s PR & Marketing manager
  • Parking if required
  • There is no residential use linked to this and there are no travel costs included
  • Unfortunately, we cannot have welding or related hot works, nor machine led carpentry related work in the studio

Application process

The applications will be shortlisted down to a manageable number based on a range of criteria, including the details of the application; where the artist is in their personal development and our understanding of whether this would fit with Trinity Buoy Wharf. The shortlist will be assessed by a selection panel consisting of members of the Trinity Buoy Wharf management team and a representative of the Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust, who will use the above criteria along with the quality of the work.
The decision of the panel will be final, and they are under no obligation to choose an artist for this residency.


Trinity Buoy Wharf is located at the junction of the River Thames and River Lea opposite the Dome/O2. Accessible by tube (Jubilee Line, Canning Town station), DLR (East India station), bus (277, D3) and boat (Mon- Fri from North Greenwich Pier).


  • The artist must commit to use the studio on a frequent and regular basis


  • We will agree a contract for the studio and working programme with the artist


  • The studio is available 24/7
  • Trinity Buoy Wharf is open to the public every day of the week from 7am to 7pm.
  • Parking is available on a day to day basis if required, though we encourage tenants to arrive by 2 wheels or foot


  • The studio is Studio 2, Container City 1
  • Ground floor
  • Double access doors
  • Plenty of 13 amp power
  • It is 465 sq.ft (43 sq.m).  Roughly 23.5 foot wide by 20 foot deep (7 m x 6 m)
  • The ceiling height is 7.6 foot (2.32m)
  • To see Container City 1 building click HERE. The available studio is the ground floor corner unit that appears in the image.
  • To see the studio click HERE

Working environment

  • This is a mixed working environment and the neighbours include artists, designers, prop makers, plus office related users
  • We will need to agree working processes including noise levels, fumes, local impact
  • We can allow the artist to redecorate the studio in non-invasive ways as long as they return the space to us in a similar state to that we provided it in
  • The artist will need to follow advice from Trinity Buoy Wharf site staff when requested

Work progress

  • We will agree with the artist about progress and agree a set of outputs. This will depend on the individual artist and their approach.
  • Final work: there is no set rule on whether the artist should donate a piece of art to TBW.  This is to be discussed.


  • Wifi/broadband can be provided, but that is dependent on the requirements of the successful artist.  Further discussion will be undertaken.

Public engagement

  • What, if any, public engagement is undertaken as part of the residency by the successful artist will be agreed before the start of the project
  • The successful artist must agree to occasional tour visitors of TBW, organised by USM
  • The successful artist will present work in progress to students of the Royal Drawing School Foundation year at Trinity Buoy Wharf before their academic year ends (29th June)


  • A final exhibition of the project and artwork created will take place in the studio. It will be organised by the artist.
  • The dates will include 2 weekends and relevant weekdays around London Open House which takes place on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September 2020
  • The artist will ensure that the exhibition is open to the public and be present to invigilate it during agreed opening hours


  • The £600 insurance and materials budget will be paid based on invoices for goods purchased. The timing for payment will be at the end of a month for all invoices received before the 15th of that month. For invoices received after the 15th of any month, payment will be at the end of the following month
  • Trinity Buoy Wharf  will not be providing any costs for travel or living
  • Trinity Buoy Wharf will not be asking for a deposit and expects the successful artist to respect the agreement reached and fulfil their obligations

Rubbish/ recycling

  • We have a recycling point at TBW and will take sensible amounts of rubbish.
  • Do talk to us about any major amounts you are likely to have


  • The studio will be clean upon your arrival and you are expected to leave it the same condition.
  • Any decoration and wall mounting need to be agreed with USM in advance
  • The artist is responsible for keeping the studio clean and tidy during their stay

Business Rates

  • The artist will register with LB Tower Hamlets for Small Business Rates Relief.  This provides the studio with no business rates charge during the residency.  We will assist this process which is very simple.


  • The artist will need to have cover for their own contents and public liability
  • USM insure the buildings and public areas. 


  • We will give the artist all the relevant details for emergencies on the start of the residency e.g. fire strategy, hospital locations, first aiders etc. 


  • Smoking, e-cigarettes, vaping are not allowed in or around the studio.  There are several locations at TBW where these are possible.


  • We will liaise with the artist about relevant PR and social media use.  That will include regular social media interaction
  • The artist will work with our PR and marketing manager on these matters

Artist Responsibilities 

The artist is responsible for:

  • Health & Safety - their own and their visitors 
  • Agreeing with us methods for any flammable/smelly/noisy processes and materials storage
  • Ensuring that your door is clear for fire exit purposes
  • Security – of your personal goods, materials and work you are undertaking
  • Acting responsibly when on site
  • Working to an agreed timetable and range of outputs throughout the residency, which will include the artist documenting their residency with photographs of works in progress and/or finished artworks
  • Completing a feedback form at the end of their stay
  • Producing a final exhibition to be open for 2 weekends and the 5 days between in the studio incorporating the London Open House weekend (19th and 20th September 2020)
  • Leaving the studio clean and tidy at the end of your stay
  • Registering with LB Tower Hamlets for Small Business Rates Relief for the studio
  • Organising your own insurance (contents and public liability)
  • Communication with USM throughout
  • Reporting back to USM at the end of the process
  • Adhering to the terms and conditions of the residency as agreed with us
  • Signing a contract reflecting the terms of the residency

Other points

  • If the artist has any personal circumstances, including medical conditions, they feel we need to know that might impact on the residency please do let us know
  • USM reserve the right to terminate the residency during its run, if, in its sole judgement, they consider that the artist is not approaching the residency in the spirit of the agreement. USM will accept no liability, financial or otherwise, arising from the early termination of the residency.
  • All information submitted to us will be held in line with GDPR guidelines and data will only be used for evaluating the 2020 Artist In Residence Applications. By submitting your application you are authorising Urban Space Management (TBW) Ltd to contact you directly in relation to this matter.

If you are unsure about your application please email with any questions and queries to

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