Trinity Buoy Wharf 20th Anniversary

26 September 2018 - 26 September 2018

6pm- 9pm

Trinity Buoy Wharf


Trinity Buoy Wharf celebrates 20th anniversary of the project and you are invited! On Wednesday 26th of September 2018 from 6pm to 9pm Trinity Buoy Wharf will host a party with free activities taking place in the buildings and in the open air around the site. The evening’s event includes the premier of Trinity Buoy Wharf’s 20th anniversary film, “The Wharf”, by Rupert Murray, internationally celebrated documentary maker, various art exhibitions and 20 years of Trinity Buoy Wharf stories displayed in the Story Box installation. 


Open 6pm- 9pm

Story Box installation: 20 years of Trinity Buoy Wharf stories will be displayed in this new installation touching on history, arts, architecture and maritime heritage

Lighthouse/ Longplayer: Set in the former lamp room of the historic Lighthouse, Longplayer uses the sounds of Tibetan 'singing bowls' to take you on an atmospheric journey into time and space.

Andrew Baldwin's Sculpture ParkAndrew Baldwin trained as a Master Blacksmith and Welder and worked as such for 28 years before he turned his skills into making a number of large mechanical sculptures. His kinetic work will be on display, including his latest Lighthouse installation inspired by the site’s maritime history.

Jon Baker Photography ExhibitionJon Baker works within photography creating dramatic large-scale images through the manipulation of different objects and cross processing techniques. His latest work uses a camera obscura to photograph the impressions and marks left by the body on the surfaces of organic objects.

Elisabeth Bond Prints ExhibitionFor the last year Elisabeth has been collecting pieces of discarded wood found around London and producing a series of woodcut prints on paper and cloth, named ‘Cutting London’.

RioFoneHack interactive experience: an audio journey that is part meditation and part exploration of memory and distance.

The Faraday Effect: Designed by Fourth Wall Creations, The Faraday Effect is London's smallest museum. This interactive experience documents the life and times of  Michael Faraday, the famous Scientific Advisor to Trinity House who conducted many of his experiments right here in the Experimental Lighthouse.

Pedal Powered Motorhome: Created by Trinity Buoy Wharf tenant, Harry Dwyer, this bycycle- driven, solar- powered mobile home is made entirely from waste and recycled materials.

Floodtide Listening Post: Built by sculptor Andrew Baldwin, the Floodtide Listening Post is a fascinating mechanical instrument designed to play music from the movement of tidal water.  Part of the Floodtide project created by composer John Eacott, the sculpture converts the information from sensors installed in the river into sound.

Alunatime is a graphical notation of time in light designed by artist Laura Williams.  It shows the lunar phase, the lunar day and tide cycles

Fat Boys Diner + The Orchard Cafe

Open Studios including:

6pm- 6.40pm "The Wharf" documentary by Rupert Murray screening

6pm- 6.40pm Maritime Heritage talk

6pm- 7pm Supercomputer performance

7.20pm- 7.55pm Guided Site Tour

8.30pm- 9pm TBW Drawing Prize PV

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