Parkour Generations

Permanent installation
9am to 9pm

Chainstore Gym & Parkour Academy


Located within the historic Chainstore building, Parkour Generations, the world’s largest professional parkour or freerunning organisation i is the UK’s first purpose-built indoor parkour and functional fitness facility.

The Academy offers daily drop-in services for those who wish to come down and use the parkour structures and other facilities as well as daily parkour classes, strength & conditioning classes, dance, yoga and more.

The building houses a complete gym set-up including squat racks, an olympic lifting platform, kettlebells, prowlers, tyres to flip, ropes to climb and all manner of Strongman and functional fitness equipment to challenge yourself with. They also offer a Harlequin Activity Floor mirrored area for dance, martial arts and other forms of physical mastery and movement practice.

Of course, an Academy isn't made of wood and stone - what makes an Academy is the knowledge, experience and ability of those who teach and coach therein: and with the first and largest body of professional parkour / freerunning coaches, all certified via the NGB Parkour UK and international ADAPT standards, on hand all day every day, we're fairly sure you're guaranteed the most challenging and most enjoyable workout of your life!

Have a look at the Chainstore Academy Page for more information on Academy Memberships, drop-in details and more HERE.

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