Tea & Cake Pairing

11 November 2015 - 11 November 2015


Tea Studio, Trinity Buoy Wharf


It's a combination we all know works... Tea & Cake. But have you ever wondered just which teas are best with which cakes and flavours?

Kyle from Tea Studio and Kerran from Keke Loves Cake have been working hard tasting endless combinations and have put together a selection of the best Tea & Cake pairings for you. Balancing flavours and textures, what tea cuts through rich sweet icing best and just how to how to compliment those rich fruit and jammy flavours. Well its all been done for you and we must say the taste sensations are phenomenal.

How about rich dark chocolate cake with creamy 70% chocolate ganache and a sip of green, foamy match to intensify the flavours and whisk away the richness... mmmmm

Sensational pairings and taste explosions guaranteed!

Every bite is a taste experience!

Join Tea Studio HQ for two hours of sumptuous handmade cakes paired with the worlds best teas.

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