Tea Brewing Masterclass

29 September 2015 - 29 September 2015


Tea Studio, Trinity Buoy Wharf


Learn how to make loose leaf tea the right way!

Join Kyle, the tea guy, at Tea Studio HQ for a masterclass in tea brewing. Learn (and taste) why it's so important to brew tea correctly and the key points to doing this. During the masterclass you'll taste both badly (to show the difference) and expertly brewed teas as well as learning traditional and modern methods for brewing specialist teas.

All of course with plenty of discussion and advice so you can make your tea brewing experience better every time.

You'll explore:

  • Temperature, why it's important and just how it can effect the taste of tea
  • Time, at which leaves are separated from the water - and what happens if you don't!
  • Quantity, what happens if you put too much leaf in
  • Traditional methods of making tea - the Chinese gaiwan, the Japanese kyusu, matcha and more.
  • Cold brewing techniques

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