Story Of A Night Pianist, BRICOLAGE DANCE UK

16 September 2018 - 16 September 2018

7.30pm (meet at main entrance)

Trinity Buoy Wharf


"It's been over a month now. It comes in the night and whispers to me note by note the melody I am writing right now. It has a long wound on its face and its uneasiness suggests it left a painful unfinished business in its past life"

A dance and live music event telling the true story of composer Lorenzo Turchi-Floris and the strange experience he had while playing one night with Choreography by Anna Buonomo.

Originally commissioned for Big Dance 2012 and performed at Trinity Buoy Wharf, Story Of A Night Pianist draws on the historical narratives of people living and working at Trinity Buoy Wharf during the 19th century – characters from the past with unfinished business in the present day.
Story Of A Night Pianist has been performed in Manchester, Hamburg, Aarau in Switzerland and twice in London, and we are delighted to be bringing it back to its home at Trinity Buoy Wharf for Totally Thames 2018.

Essential Information:

  • This is a promenade performance so please wear comfortable shoes and expect to walk or stand for approximately one hour.
  • Please contact us if a member of your party has mobility requirements.

More info here. 

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