Seven Seas

01 August 2013 - 03 August 2013

5pm to 9pm (Private View) 12pm to 5pm (Weekend)

Boiler House


Further information
Curator Garry Hunter of Fitzrovia Noir CIC, M: 07860 435 693 or E:

Watch Iraqi Sculptor Rashad Salim in action as he assembles his latest work 'Buffalo Dragon' from bicycle parts,  alongside an exhibition of his Re-piano series and new Iraqi Cronacle project.

Rashad’s latest work is his Iraqi Coracle project, exploring traditional craft within emerging Iraqi art practice. A coracle (also known as a guffa) is a small boat of ancient design made of strong saplings or reeds that are interwoven and then may be covered with bitumen or animal skins. In Iraqi amulets groups of seven have immense resonance and historical meaning. Rashad will make seven coracles that he will float on the Thames before taking them to Iraq.

In 1978 Salim was a member of Thor Heyerdahl’s reed boat expedition from the river Tigris to Djibouti (

Buffalo Dragon uses bicycle parts to create an elongated sculpture. Handlebars are worked into Sumerian cuneiform and visitors are encouraged to participate. This work coincides with the Mayor of London’s ‘Ride London’ festival of cycling which falls on the same weekend.

Re-piano is an ongoing project of Rashad’s which reclaims, reinvents and renews disused and battered pianos, offering them regeneration in a very different context.
Rashad has trained at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad and at St Martin’s School of Art in London. He has worked with the British Museum and the United Nations as an artist, advisor and cultural researcher.

Trinity Buoy Wharf artist Andrew Baldwin’s sculpture garden will also be open for visitors to enjoy.

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