High on the seas

12 February 2015 - 22 February 2015

11am- 7pm

The Chainstore


Further information
Private view 12th Feb 2015 6pm- 10pm

Sculpture and art exhibition inspired by one man's epic journey across the ocean.

New exhibition by sculptor Andrew Baldwin in collaboration with artist Brian Bushell opens at Trinity Buoy Wharf on 12th of February 2015.

Andrew’s new work is inspired by his recent journey to Iceland on a kinetic boat designed and built by the artist himself. The exhibition will feature a collection of intriguing sculptures representing hallucinations caused by the lack of food, water, sleep and emptiness of the sea.

Part of the display will also include photographic and video footage captured during the trip, illustrating the metamorphosis of the boat into a bicycle to cross Iceland itself.

Andrew has teamed up with Hackney raised artist Brian Bushell, whose evocative painting “Dark Waves” lends further atmosphere to the beauty and strangeness of life at sea. For the last year, Brian has been working on paintings of waves seascapes, as an echo of the displacement felt on a long journey in solitude.

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