Fourth Monkey’s Transformation Season

15 June 2015 - 20 June 2015


The Electrician's Shop


Fourth Monkey's 31-strong ensemble of first year students on the Two Year Rep programme present two bold adaptations in the unconventional but exciting performance space of Trinity Buoy Wharf.

In this site specific production the company will weave together one of the oldest stories in the Western world - Homer's The Odyssey. Penelope has been waiting and aching for the return of her husband King Odysseus who has been away fighting in the war for years. Holding a vigil in her palace she hopes the Gods will bring him home but she is under increasing pressure from the reckless suitors who are keen to take the place of her missing husband. Threatened, she declares to them that she will yield to their demands only when she has finished weaving her tapestry...

Meanwhile across the ocean, King Odysseus and his crew are longing to return home. But storms, monsters, witches, frustrations and temptations of every kind are thrown their way to thwart their journey. The meddling Gods have their own squabbles and compete with each other to influence Odysseus's fate. But fate itself is a strange and intricate tapestry woven by watchful women who seem more concerned with...knitting!

Tom Espiner directs the ensemble in Hattie Naylor's bold and modernised adaptation which combines humour, magic, menace, romance and storytelling in an evening of enchantment and theatrical thrills.

Following this epic journey we have an entirely different story set in the throbbing streets of a cosmopolitan city in America. Six people far from their native country, poor in wealth but full of high spirits are brought together by one dream. A dream that depends on their "skeletons" being an equal height...This secret performance to end the evening is a light-hearted, comedic piece celebrating the joys of companionship and how just one smart suit can transform an evening in a buzzing metropolis....

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