’Exploring the Invisible’ Exhibition

04 May 2013 - 05 May 2013

A unique blend of art and science revealing the hidden machinations of the natural world.

Entrance: Free

Private View: Thursday 2nd May. 5pm to 9pm

Exhibition: Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May. 12pm to 5pm

First Weekends at Trinity Buoy Wharf are delighted to present this fasinating show by Dr. Simon Park – Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology.

In this highly experimental show Dr. Park showcases are range of instalations created from a range of micro flora, bacteria and microbes found everywhere around Trinity Buoy Wharf.

See a glowing installation or witness what happens when you light a handprint or infuse microbes from the River Thames onto paper.

This is where science really turns into art.

Some of the pieces on display will include:

Bioluminescent Marine Bacteria glowing on the walls of the darkened room of the Electrician’s Shop.

Lichens collected locally and then arranged in patterns illuminated with Ultra Violet light so that they fluoresce.

Natural Photosynthetic Microbes in water taken from the Thames and Lea, used to infuse paper exposed to light.

Bacterial Fingerprints transferring hand prints onto bacterial growth media, converted onto glass–like films.

General Microflora on swabs from various parts of the Wharf, cultivated on agar and displayed on lightboxes.

The Microflora of Mud on glass plates embedded into the mud of the Thames then left for 3–4 weeks to allow the bacteria in it to attach to the glass. Once removed, the plates are stained to reveal the bacteria.

A Winogradsky Column created in experiments made by incorporating copperas into temporary texts on concrete.

For more information: www.exploringtheinvisible.com

Curated by Garry Hunter at Fitzrovia Noir CIC.

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