CAMERA (REGARDER) Nick Joubinaux

08 January 2017 - 01 February 2017

UEL Fine Art Project Space at Trinity Buoy Wharf


This solo project utilises Joubinaux’ expert knowledge and skills of the photographic principles and processes that he has learnt and experimented with over a number of years as a professional practicing technician and photographer. The diverse landscape that surrounds Nick’s working studio, which is situated in Container City inspired the concept of bringing the external view points of these surroundings into an internal space and replicating the viewer’s own perception through their eyes of that same external image into an internal, inverted image.

The gallery space itself will be converted into a camera obscura that will project the external images of the skyline, landscape and vista of the river, onto the internal surfaces of the space, forming a three dimensional ‘inside out’ installation. To record these effects, Joubinaux will also be experimenting with different photographic papers and light sensitive materials. These captured images will show the changing light conditions over time and offer visitors the experience of a ‘live’, fugitive phenomenon.

There will be opportunities to see the work in progress, and a ‘Final View’ closing event to see the completed work and to celebrate the event.

Work in progress viewings 11am- 3pm:

  • Sunday Jan 8th 2017
  • Saturday Jan 14th 2017
  • Sunday Jan 15th 2017
  • Saturday Jan 21st 2017
  • Sunday Jan 22nd 2017
  • Saturday Jan 28th 2017
  • Sunday Jan 29th 2017

Final view: Wednesday 1st of February 2017 6pm- 9pm

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