ART OF TATTOO Exhibition

26 September 2013 - 29 September 2013

Thurs 26th Sept - 4pm to 7pm Friday 27th to Sun 29th - 12pm to 5pm

Electrician's Shop


Further information

First Weekends with support from the Luxembourg Ministère of Culture and the Ambassador at their London Embassy, present ART OF TATTOO, a unique collection of contemporary ink-inspired artwork exploring the history of the marit¬ime tattoo.
The show features photography inspired by the genre, interactive pieces and mixed media from Europe, Asia, the Americas and New Zealand.

Derived from the Tahitian 'tatau', Captain Cook introduced the word 'tattoo' to the English language on his return from the South Pacific, where sailors were impressed by native Polynesian tattoos and began to acquire skin art themselves.
Animals feature strongly in the tattoo menu of seafarers, e.g. a sparrow for every 5000 nautical miles travelled, a turtle on it’s back legs for crossing the equator, a pig on the left knee meant ‘safety at sea’ and a rooster on the right ‘never lose a fight’, a dragon for journeying to China…

In 1892 the future King George V inspired the tattoo trend in Europe after he acquired a ‘Cross of Jerusalem’ tattoo whilst visiting the Middle East. His sons followed suit whilst on a naval tour of Japan, and were swiftly copied by the crowned heads of Europe.
After a brief mid 20th century decline body etching has become part of mainstream culture, boasting celebrity fans including Samantha Cameron, with an estimated 20 million Britons believed to have at least one tattoo.

This exhibition takes its inspiration from this heritage, presenting the genre of tattoo art in a variety of media, displayed right on the Thames riverside at the historic Electrician’s Shop situated in the centre Trinity Buoy Wharf, built in1835.
It is within easy reach for visitors to the 9th London Tattoo Convention at Tobacco Dock at Shadwell, followed by a reception at Luxembourg House the following week

ART OF TATTOO contributing artists : Simone El-Rana, Scott Irwin, Rikki-Jean, Scott Lukas, Mik Mullen, Yliana Paolini, Doralba Picerno, Eun-Sen Sin, Richard Sorensen and Ines Avala.

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