Permanent installation

Located on the South East Corner of Trinity Buoy Wharf

London’s First Public Moon and Tide Clock  

51°30’27”N  0° 0’ 31”E

‘ALUNATIME’ is a graphical notation of time in light designed by artist Laura
Williams.  It shows the lunar phase (wax & wane), the lunar day (rise & set) and
tide cycles (ebb & flow).  Governed by the relative position of the Earth, Moon
and Sun, these fundamental rhythms have shaped our past and will continue
to determine our future.  The Moon creates our tides and 70% of the Earth’s
surface is water; with the rising tides of climate change, understanding these
natural rhythms of our blue planet is now more important than ever.

Launched on the Full Moon of October 22nd 2010, this first ever, live ‘real time’
version of ALUNATIME provides vital ongoing research and development
for the 38m diameter tidal powered clock known as ALUNA, planned for the
Greenwich Peninsula.

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