A Ships’ Opera

14 September 2013 - 14 September 2013

18.25 to 18.40

Thames Quayside

Free but please book

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A spectacular water-borne performance for the River Thames by Richard Wilson and Zatorski + Zatorski as part of the Mayors Thames Festival 2013.

An armada of historic vessels from the age of sail, steam and diesel will perform a live, moving, operatic concerto of ships’ steam whistles, bells, horns, hooters, sirens and cannon as the centrepiece of the 2013 Thames Festival.

The first act of this symphonic maritime performance begins at sea, at the mouth of the Thames Estuary. A lone steam tug, the historic Barking, will make her way into the tideway to central London, all the while broadcasting her swag of steam whistles.

From 6.25pm to 6.40pm, around Trinity Buoy Wharf Barking will muster her fellow opera performers: the Trinity Lightship (LV95) pulled by two handsome red diesel tugs, historic Clyde puffer steam ships VIC 56 and VIC 96, the diesel tug Kent, and twin-masted 19th century Dutch sailing klipper De Walvisch - all bedecked with a range of steam.

Here an audience will experience the second act of the opera, the magnificent fleet calling to the shore, waters and airwaves against the backdrop of The O2 whistles, horns and bells - the collected vocal cords of a ship of provenance, now long dead... lost voices calling again.

From Trinity Buoy Wharf the ships head up to Tower Bridge for the main act of the show.

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