01 November 2010

In 2000 my old and very dear friend Jem Finer created a piece of music that would play continuosly for 1000 years. It is still playing at Trinity Buoy Wharf in East London. In 2009 he staged a live performance of an exerpt from it lasting 1000 minutes. It is one of the most surreal and evocative pieces of music I have ever heared.

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London’s lighthouse and the story of Trinity Quay Wharf

01 November 2010

Trinity Buoy Wharf, as the name suggests, has close links to the UK's nautical industry. For nearly 200 years the Corporation of Trinity House was responsible for the repair, installation and maintenance of Britain's lighthouses, lightships and buoys.

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New not-for-profit school chain is a class apart

01 November 2010

As school buses go, an old tug boat is the stuff of children's picture books. Imagine it chuntering across the Thames at eight in the morning as it heads away from the hubristic O2 centre towards the historic Docklands buildings of Trinity Buoy Wharf, and you pretty much have an adventure up and running before you have even set foot on dry land.

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Water City Orchestra in a Weekend

10 September 2010

Exciting performances of Vaughan Williams' 'The Lark Ascending, Borodin's Symphony No.2 in B minor “Heroic” and a Bollywood music medley. More

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