Londonist: This Public Project Is Making Beautiful Roundels Out Of Mosaics

20 November 2019

Londonist meets our tenant Maud Milton of Artyface to talk about her mosaic roundels made for TFL.

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"The roundel is a ubiquitous symbol of London transport. Unveiled in the early 20th century, it's simultaneously a genius piece of art and advertising, guiding weary travellers to their nearest TfL service.
While it's easy to find plenty of roundel knockoffs, it's tougher to see official roundels that deviate from the norm. Sure, TfL sometimes drapes its symbol in a Pride flag, or covers it with poppies at the relevant times of year, but these are always short-lived installations. There are a few unusual permanent pieces, but these tend to be minor variations, rather than anything bold.
But one day I came across this beauty outside South Tottenham Station.



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A stunning mosaic made from glazed tiles that emanates with love- and I'm not just saying that because of the multiple hearts baked into the roundel. Not long after posting that image, Maud Milton- the artist behind it- got in touch. She wanted to talk about her mosaics and came bearing the excellent news that the South Tottenham beauty is merely the first of many mosaic roundels to come. And best of all, I could see the next batch being created..."



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