Position of keeper and carer for the fleet of vessels available at Trinity Buoy Wharf

02 December 2016

We are hiring for the position of keeper and carer for the fleet of vessels at Trinity Buoy Wharf.

The fleet of vintage vessels based at Trinity Buoy Wharf ranges from a traditional clinker built pram dinghy through 40 year old sailing boats ex Royal Navy captains launch through to 305 ton historic steam powered coaster.
Depending on the circumstances of the individual the position could be full or part time.

Person Specification


  • Must possess hands on experience with and have sympathy for the materials and machinery in old vessels.
  • Must be self-organising and self-motivating as often working alone, outside and in all weathers.
  • Ability to perform manual tasks safely eg manual lifting, working at height,  use of manual and power tools, working with paint or chemicals, use of PPE


  • A knowledge of relevant statutory guidelines eg MCA, HSE
  • Ability to prepare risk assessments and method statements
  • Experience of working with specialist, third party contractors
  • A knowledge of best practice with historical vessels

Typical Tasks:

  • Overall care of the safety and condition of the vessels.
  • Regular inspection of moorings of those craft afloat and covers and supports of those ashore.
  • Regular pump out and check for leaks.
  • From time to time prepare a programme of maintenance and improvement for the vessels
  • Monitor and coordinate with any specialist contractor that might be employed
  • Maintain a record of works required and undertaken, including risk assessments and method statements.
  • Undertake all practical tasks that are within the ability and scope of the keeper.
  • For example adjusting warps and lines, cleaning and painting of topsides and interiors, battery charging, fluid level checks, antifouling, brass polishing, varnishing dinghy’s splicing lines.
  • All protective clothing will be supplied however it should be recognised that some of the tasks will by their nature be quite dirty.

If you're interested, please email eric.reynolds@urban-space.co.uk for details. 


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