Impact of proposed development on Trinity Buoy Wharf

24 March 2016

Ballymore seeks permission to build 804 new apartments very close to Trinity Buoy Wharf and some elements of the proposed residential development give cause for concern. In particular the 3 tall blocks of flats that would loom over the low buildings at Trinity Buoy Wharf.  At the closest point the new blocks are only 8 feet away from artists’ workshops.

  • The leaseholders at Trinity Buoy Wharf strongly urge the planning committee to recommend that the overpowering blocks be redesigned, moved back or reduced in height and windows repositioned to the west.
  • Trinity Buoy Wharf  is a unique place at the confluence of the Thames and the River Lea.  It is dedicated to the support of the creative industries, is open to the public and houses over 500 jobs.
  • Trinity Buoy Wharf was the London base of Trinity House for the manufacture and maintenance of navigational buoys.  Signs of this maritime heritage remain in the historic buildings and London’s only Lighthouse.
  • The project is developed and managed by Urban Space Management who were selected by the London Docklands Development Corporation (LDDC) in 1996.
  • At the end of the life of LDDC the freehold of the site was transferred to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and a 125 year lease was granted to the TBW Trust who in turn granted a 124 year lease to USM.
  • 25% of rental income is remitted to the Trinity Buoy Wharf Trust.  The TBW Trust makes grants in support of arts and education projects in London.


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